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Protecting the voices, choices, and rights of adults and children

If you require the services of our advocacy team and are a resident of one the boroughs where we work, click on your borough in the sidebar to find out more. If you’d like to talk to someone about advocacy, call our team on 0207 358 7007.

Cambridge House provides free, independent, and confidential advocacy services to help people become involved in the decisions which affect their lives.

We offer our expert care and assistance to:

  • Adults with mental health needs who are subject to the Mental Health Act
  • People who lack capacity and require Independent Mental Capacity Advocacy support
  • Adults who need care and support and are having their needs assessed, planned, or reviewed
  • Carers of both adults and children in ‘transition’
  • People who want to make a complaint about a service you or someone you know received from the NHS
  • People who want support to self-advocate in order to take control of decisions about themselves and telling others what they want.
  • People with learning disabilities, older people, adults with physical disabilities and sensory impairment or those seeking to access social care services to address issues relating to their social and NHS care.

Our advocacy service works to ensure that people’s voices are heard, that their rights are protected, and that they understand what is happening to them. We speak up for them when they cannot, and support and advise them when they can.

Our Advocacy Service Values

Clarity of purpose

We have clearly stated aims and objectives and are able to demonstrate how we meet the principles in this Charter. We ensure everyone we work with knows what we can do, and what we cannot do.


We are independent from the Council, from hospitals and other care providers.  We make challenges on our clients’ behalf when its needed.


We have a written confidentiality policy and make sure we take proper care of information about you. We have privacy notice that makes clear our commitment to the general data protection regulations (GDPR)

Person Centred Approach

In most cases, you decide what we do on your behalf.  We have a clear way of supporting people who cannot tell us what they want, to make sure their rights and interests are protected, ensuring the client’s voice is heard.


We encourage you to speak up for yourself, and to take action for yourself whenever we can.  We want to know what you think about our service and invite you to tell us.

Equal opportunity

We make sure anyone who needs an advocate from our service can get one, and be treated fairly, regardless of their culture, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, disability, age or religion. We make sure everyone gets a fair portion of our advocates’ time.


When we begin work with you, you will have a named advocate and a means of contacting them.  We will ask you to tell us what you think about our service.  We will provide reports to our Trustees, our funders and the general public about our service and how we are doing.


Our scheme is free of charge, and we promote access for the whole community.

Supporting advocates

We ensure our advocates are prepared, trained and supported in their role, and have regular opportunities to develop their skills and experience.


We have a written policy explaining how you can give feedback and make complaints.


Our advocates understand the different forms of abuse and neglect and have clear procedures to follow if we suspect a client is at risk.

Further Information and Referrals Processes for Professionals

Please select the service you require for more information on the individual advocacy services we offer, the boroughs we operate in, and to learn how to make referrals.

For IMCA Referrals, please refer to the Referrers Guide to IMCA Decisions.