Cambridge House

Working in communities across London to fight poverty, social inequity and injustice

Influencing change

For over 134 years Cambridge House has been focused on creating positive change in the lives of those most impacted by poverty, social injustice and inequality in our society.

While our work as a charity is varied and far reaching, it always places the experiences of people who are most affected by these challenges at its heart.

Transforming lives

At Cambridge House we work to transform the lives of the people we support by offering practical, individual help and advice and transform society by influencing changes in social policy and practice, so we deal with the issues that shape their lives.

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We currently reach over 3,000 frontline service users in 30 local authorities in and around London.

Social Justice Services

Independent Advocacy, Safer Renting & Law Centre

Empowerment and Inclusion Services

Youth & Disabled Peoples’ Empowerment


Transforming society through campaigns for changes in policy and practice.

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