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We provide disabled children and adults with the opportunity to learn, create, build social connections, and play an active role in their community through our weekly arts, life skills, social and wellbeing clubs.

Our activities are designed to empower and encourage independence by building confidence and communication skills, dexterity and coordination as well as increase life experiences and engagement with the local community through our spectacular projects, performances and special events.

Along with the therapeutic and skills-based benefits, these projects provide a valued and consistent environment and routine for participants and respite for their families and carers.

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Camberwell Incredibles

An arts collective of practising and learning diverse artists aged 19 to 65 years, meets every Monday and Tuesday, from 10:30am to 3:30pm during term-time at the Trinity Centre in Camberwell.

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Here’s what some of our club members and their families have to say

An invaluable part of the community

“The group is the heart of the community and they have a presence and belonging.”
Relative of Camberwell Incredibles group member

Inspiring and unique

“The creative ventures of the Camberwell Incredibles deserve a world-wide platform that will inspire others during a time when we all need hope and inspiration.”
Carer of Camberwell Incredibles group member

A safe place

“My brother has been attending the Camberwell Incredibles for 24 years, the group has a magical dynamic and beautiful connection and through these amazing relationships he feels safe and confident to express himself, through art.”
Sister of Camberwell Incredibles group member

“We’re very grateful for Cambridge house & the Art Club. It’s given ‘X’ a place to grow and have fun in an environment where he’s accepted.”
Parent of group member

Our club members have celebrated the following positive changes to their lives:

How to join our clubs

If you think we could help you or someone you care for or work with, please:
Complete a referral form below, or
Telephone 020 7358 7716, or
Email empowerment@ch1889.org

We are always looking for volunteer support workers to assist with our activities. If you would like more information or to get involved in our programmes, please call 0207 358 7716 or email recruitment@ch1889.org

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