Services and Programmes

We work in partnership with people, helping empower them to stabilise their lives during times of crisis and improve the quality of their lives in the longer term.

We offer a range of specialist, personalised support, legal, advocacy and advice services, along with a programme of activities and schemes designed to empower young and disabled people in our local community.

Learn more about our services and programmes and how you can get involved below.

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Protecting the legal and human rights of people living with learning disabilities or mental and physical health conditions by speaking up for them when they cannot and supporting them when they can.

Law Centre

Offering free, independent and expert legal and crisis mitigation services in housing, employment, discrimination and welfare benefits law to help people protect their home, job and family.

Safer Renting

Providing specialist advice, support and advocacy to help protect tenants who are victimised by criminal landlords

RISE Youth Empowerment

Long-term, intensive and wrap-around services to build the life skills, health and wellbeing, confidence, aspirations and resilience of 16 to 24-year-olds who are experiencing isolation and exclusion.

Disabled People’s Empowerment

Arts, life skills, social and wellbeing clubs for disabled children and adults and people living with learning disabilities.

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