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Safer Renting

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Social Justice for Tenants of Rogue Landlords

Cambridge House is currently piloting Safer Renting, an innovative, multi-agency project to promote social justice for tenants of criminal landlords.

The project aims to develop an effective multi-agency framework for tackling criminal landlords and supporting their victims. Many people who are exploited by criminal landlords are severely‘excluded’ and below the radar of any statutory services e.g. migrants/asylum seekers. However, also individuals who are less vulnerable in this respect are at risk, such as students.

The project’s dual aims are to:

  • Support and educate the victims of criminal landlords by providing them with specialist advice, support and advocacy and helping them to find alternative housing
  • Enact systems change by improving and sharing best-practice approaches to supporting private sector tenant, tackling criminal landlords and improving standards in the Private Rented Sector

By safeguarding tenants’ rights and helping them find alternative routes into better housing, we will also be making it possible for tenants to contribute evidence to support prosecutions against landlords, many of whom currently escape prosecution.

We are currently working or are in the launching the project in the London Boroughs of Hounslow, Enfield, Croydon and Waltham Forest.

We are keen to talk to new potential partner boroughs and/or community organisations, particularly in those boroughs operating a Discretionary HMO (House of Multiple Occupancy) Licensing Scheme. If your borough/organisation would like to learn more about Safer Renting, please get in touch with the Project Director on the below contact details.

Contact: Roz Spencer, Project Director


Mob: 07905 348971