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To ensure positive outcomes for our participants, we carefully assess the impact of our Stand-Up programme

youth worker, youth support worker, stand-up southwark, stand up southwark, stand-up southwark outcomes, stand-up southwark impact, stand-up lambeth impact, stand-up lambeth,Our wrap-around approach provides participants with personalised support to give them the best chance of sustaining employment, education, or training. We developed our project evaluation procedures in partnership with New Philanthropy Capital to best measure and demonstrate the impact of our interventions.

Our evaluations revealed significant improvements in self-reflection, impulse control, and resilience. Each reported broadened horizons, a healthier self-image, and increased confidence. All reported behavioural improvements and that their key relationships and support networks had become stronger. As a result, participants were in a much better position to benefit from work-readiness and employability activities. By the end of the programme, 83% were in education, training or employment. Retention is 96% 18 months later, with progression advice and support provided as required, while 60% of the first cohort provide peer support to new participants

Stand-Up Southwark achieved Standard 1 of Evidence from Project Oracle, London’s Children and Youth Evaluation Hub.

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