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Disabled People’s Empowerment

By hosting a range of creative arts and sports programmes, Cambridge House’s Disabled People’s Empowerment division provides crucial education, healthy living, and socialising opportunities aimed at empowering our disabled neighbours.

Our weekly arts and sports programmes for adults and children with disabilities operate in small groups in order to focus on individuals, using combinations of art, sport, drama and performance to enable them to learn, grow and enjoy themselves. The activities are designed to encourage independence by improving their dexterity and coordination as well as their communication skills, team work skills and confidence.

Along with the therapeutic and skills-based benefits, these projects provide a valued and consistent environment and routine for our users, some of whom have been using our services for more than a decade.

We are always looking for volunteer support workers to assist with our range of activities.

If you would like more information or to get involved in our sports and/or art programmes, please contact Rachel Zipfel at 0207 358 7716 or

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Artwork by one of the Camberwell Incredibles

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