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Richmond Advocacy Services

In Richmond we provide:

  • Independent Mental Capacity Advocacy (IMCA): People who have a mental illness, dementia, or an injury to the brain can be declared by a medical professional as lacking the capacity to make their own decisions. Our advocates work to ensure that their rights and best interests are taken into account. (Go to page or see the IMCA Service Leaflet)
  • Independent Mental Health Advocacy (IMHA): People may be detained or sectioned in hospital under the Mental Health Act or have their liberty restricted by Community Treatment Orders. Our Advocates help them to understand their rights and communicate their wishes. (Go to page or see the IMHA Service Leaflet)
  • Care and Support Advocacy (Care Act): Under the Care Act (2014), local authorities must ensure that a person is fully involved when their social care and support needs are being reviewed. Certain people are entitled to an independent advocate to help them to be as involved as possible. (Go to page or see the Care Act Service Leaflet)
  • NHS Complaints Advocacy: Our London Borough of Richmond-only service provides you with the information you need so that you, or someone you know, can pursue a complaint by yourself or with the support of an experienced advocate. (Go to page or see the NHS Complaints Advocacy Service Leaflet)
  • Generic Advocacy: We can help certain people to ask for the services they need, search for the right support or challenge any health / social care services they currently receive. We do not deal with benefits, financial or housing issues. (Go to page or see the Generic Advocacy Service Leaflet)

To make a referral for a Richmond resident, please download the Richmond Advocacy Referral Form.

Call us: 020 7358 7007 (9am to 5pm Monday to Friday)

Email us:

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