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Knowledge Exchange Activities

We support a range of knowledge exchange activities, from strategic development to organising community events, research placements to international conferences

As an organisation we posses a wealth of knowledge about our user’s day-to-day experiences. We share this knowledge by working collaboratively with researchers and businesses, public services and civil society.  Our aim is to progress knowledge about complex social issues from the ground up by creating the opportunity for dialogue and organising & taking part in events.

Our Approach

Building relationships takes time, skills and resources. Acting as a bridge between funders, service providers and the public, we are in the unique position of being able to provide direct insight into our users experiences. As a result we know what works and what doesn’t, as well as current gaps in thinking and service delivery.

Our Advantage

By sharing knowledge and coordinating strategic activities we can help avoid duplication and therefore make more efficient use of public funds, while giving decision makers the knowledge they need to make informed responses to social change.

Current Activities & Affiliations

  • Representing the UK at the Global Social Economy Forum Steering Group, Seoul, Korea
  • Contributing to the London Funders review of the future of civil society infrastructure in London
  • Member of The International Federation of Settlements 
  • Member of Locality
  • Karin Woodley our CEO is an ESRC council member as well as a member of the mental health expert group recently established to identify key questions and current gaps in understanding around mental health in the UK and internationally

We also…

  • Contribute to publications and journal articles
  • Chair & organise events
  • Carry out Impact Assessment & Evaluation
  • Actively engage in PR & Press activities
  • Undertake social media campaigns
  • Provide specialist consultation & advice
  • Undertake community engagement

For more information about our Knowledge Exchange Activities please contact Dr Hannah White.

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