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Research & Knowledge Exchange

We influence policy from the grassroots up

research & knowledge exchange, At Cambridge House, we carry out research to inform debate, influence policy, and raise public awareness. This is shaped by the views and experiences of our services users as well as our practical knowledge of delivering services in the current socio-economic climate. We work with academics, statutory organisations, and other civil society groups to share knowledge and resources, identify research priorities, and create an impact.

Research & Knowledge Exchange Aims

  • To influence research from the grassroots up
  • Improve research accessibility through training and dissemination via non traditional methods
  • Utilise research and integrate knowledge exchange activities to inform service delivery
  • Provide evidence to influence policy

What is Knowledge Exchange?

Knowledge Exchange is the process of bringing together practitioners, charities, academics, policy makers, and funders to share experience and evidence in order to influence policy and practice.

We support an interdisciplinary approach, working across sectors to develop a broader understanding of a range of complex social issues.

We do this by conducting and supporting high quality research and organising events in order to share and apply our ideas, experience and skills.

Our Approach

Our approach is unique. Too often third sector organisations are viewed as gatekeepers to research participants, while service users are viewed as subjects rather than active contributors. At Cambridge House we seek to redress the balance by establishing what works for civil society and service users. We do this by employing innovative methodologies to support local people to articulate their experiences, concerns and priorities. Through engagement, dialogue and building networks with academics, journalists, civil society and statutory organisations we seek to influence policy city-wide, nationally and internationally.

Our Activities

  • Collaborative Research
  • Evaluation
  • Consultancy & Advice
  • Training
  • Events
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