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Cambridge House is a Southwark-based centre fighting poverty and social injustice.

Working in six main divisions, we provide frontline services that are designed to accomplish these important goals and strengthen our communities.

Cambridge House’s Safer Renting programme provides specialist advice and advocacy to victims of criminal landlords.

Our Law Centre helps Londoners protect their homes, jobs, and families by offering free expert legal services.

The Advocacy team protects the voices, choices, and rights of our communities’ most vulnerable children and adults by providing free independent services for people with mental health conditions and learning disabilities.

By hosting a range of creative arts and sports programmes, the Disabled People’s Empowerment division provides crucial education, healthy living, and socialising opportunities aimed at empowering disabled adults and young people.

Our Youth Empowerment programme provides long-term, intensive support for marginalized 16 to 21 year olds, encouraging their emotional wellbeing and teaching the life skills needed to succeed in our communities.

Our historic building located in Walworth serves as a Community Hub, offering work and event spaces that lower the administrative costs for charities, community groups and social enterprises.  The public is also welcomed to hire space within our building for conferences and other events.

With your support, Cambridge House can continue to fight poverty, confront social injustice, tackle isolation, empower people, and challenge the status quo in Southwark and beyond.

Our Corporate Strategy 2017-2022

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