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Why Help Us?

Why help us?

All of our activities are free at the point of service, providing specialist support, advice, and services to people facing severe hardship and complex need.

We can do this only with your support.

Here are some of the headlines from where we work and some of the issues we try and tackle:


Poverty in Southwark and the surrounding boroughs is a result of a number of interrelated factors, including income, education, access to services, and health.

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Southwark is one of the most polarised boroughs in the country. Residents in the poorest areas, such as Nunhead, are likely to live up to 10 fewer years than those in the most affluent. This life expectancy gulf is larger than that between the United States and Egypt.

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As of 2015, Lambeth is  No.1 most deprived area in the UK for crime. Southwark is No. 6.

Gang-related & youth violence remains a serious problem for Southwark and the surrounding boroughs. Recent high-profile enforcement-led  interventions have failed. Young people are still disproportionately likely to be both a victim and a perpetrator of violent crime.

Extreme Deprivation & Homelessness

Homelessness is extremely damaging to those who experience it. Homeless people are at huge risk of a range of dangers, including chronic health problems, absolute poverty, mental illness, and being a victim of violent crime.

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Disadvantage &  Lack of Opportunities

Unemployment is still disproportionately hitting the young in London and across the UK. Coupled with extensive cuts to critical support systems for young people (e.g. Housing Benefit), this means that young people in 2015 are facing greater challenges than their parents’ generation, or the generation before that.

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