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Volunteer Stories

What can volunteering at Cambridge House do for you?

Chris’s story

Research and Administration Assistant Volunteer

“My experience at Cambridge house has been amazing. People in the office are really helpful and easy going; we are all part of a big family. I have this feeling that everyone is pushing in the same direction.

The work I’ve been given to do has been good. It’s a great feeling to know I am contributing effectively to the community of Southwark and that my work will be used to improve the services. I am allowed to work independently when asked to accomplish a task, which has been totally fantastic.

Furthermore Cambridge House is assisting me in gaining office experience while at the same time I am putting into practice what I learnt during my masters. It is a win win situation.”

Natia’s story

Facilities Volunteer, now a full-time employee

“I started off at Cambridge House as a volunteer. I got to work on a very interesting project wich I found really inspiring. I learnt a lot, gained experience and was made to feel part of the team immediately. I am now in full-time employment at Cambridge House in the Facilities Department. I am extremely grateful to Cambridge House for the opportunities and appreciation they have given me.”

Augusto’s story

Volunteer Handyman, now employed by one of our resident organisations

“When I first came to Cambridge House I’d been unemployed for quite a while. Having recently moved from Italy I didn’t have the experience people were looking for. But Cambridge House created a volunteering opportunity for me where I worked under the Facilities Manager as an onsite handyman. I learned so many skills and they even helped me get the necessary training I needed. They put me in touch with their resident organisations where I volunteered for a little while also, and when a position opened up at one of these organisations, they helped me with the application. Thankfully I got the job.”