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Read these stories from our work to understand what we do and why we do it:

Credit to Franco Folini. Used under Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Mr A – Preventing Homelessness

Mr A lived with his wife and three children. Working as a McDonald’s Regional Shift Manager, Mr A always paid his rent and his account was in credit. Mr A’s employment ended due to ill health and there was a reduction in his housing benefit because his daughter had turned 18.  Although he kept up his payments, his rent account went into arrears.

Soon after, Mr A’s landlord issued a claim for possession of the property. Mr A sought our advice. We were able to represent him at the court hearing and helped get his housing benefit re-assessed.  We were then able to negotiate dismissing the claim for possession, with no order as to costs.

Brandon – Achieving Potential

Credit to Neil McIntosh via Flickr,

Credit to Neil McIntosh,

When Brandon joined us, he was 20 years old.  His home life was characterised by frequent arguments, violence, periods of separation, and neglect. Brandon had previously been involved in gang violence and drug dealing, making him constantly afraid for his life. He felt unable to break out of his peer group, despite the negative impact on his wellbeing.

Brandon joined one of our youth programmes, attending 1:1 coaching and group sessions. Since, he has improved his living situation, developed his social skills, gained greater confidence, and moved away from his previous peer group.

Supported by his coach, Brandon recently achieved his goal of a place at university to study pharmacology, an idea he would have found unthinkable just 12 months previously.

Our Approach

At Cambridge House, we provide specialist services which help people manage complex and interrelated challenges, enabling them to move on and lead fulfilling lives.

Since 2012, we have changed the way we work in order to respond to increasing levels of need in our community.

  • We invest in our services and monitor our impact, innovating in order to bring long-term benefit to people’s lives.
  • We renovated and developed our building to better support our community, hosting other organisations in order to provide multiple services out of a single hub.
  • We use our local experience to inform primary research and to contribute to wider understanding of social issues and how to approach them.

With your help, we can bring lasting change to people’s lives

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