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Real Stories

Narinder’s story

Narinder Desai is a manager at a local pharmacy, and Anika looks after their five-year old.  Stuck in a damp, crowded property with people they didn’t know, they had to choose between an abusive landlord and leaving their family and friends behind.

Cambridge House stepped in to help, and through our support the Desais began claiming income support, secured safe housing and defeated a fraudulent legal claim from their landlord.

Pam’s story

Pam was sectioned under the Mental Health Act, and part of her treatment was Quitiapine, a drug that can have strong sedative effects.  The drugs severely affected Pam, who was soon unable to wake up, missing meals and finding life under Quitiapine unbearable.

Cambridge House stepped in to help, working to create a stronger relationship between Pam and her doctor and to lower the dose, thereby making her life manageable again.

Jake’s story

The DWP wrongfully cancelled Jake’s housing benefit three times, leaving him facing eviction and homelessness.  With epilepsy and a blood clot on the brain, this could have been a death sentence.

Cambridge House defended Jake’s right to a home all three times, keeping him off the streets.

Nick’s story

Nick moved to the UK from New York to escape both gang and domestic violence, leaving his mum’s house in the US for his dad’s in London. He has a certificate as a pharmacy technician in America, but it’s not recognised here and he had to start his A-levels from scratch. His dad, who he’s only got to know in the last few years, often locks him out of the house after they argue. He doesn’t leave his neighbourhood much, and it didn’t take long for familiar patterns of gang behaviour to work their way back into Nick’s life.

With help from Cambridge House Nick achieved full attendance on his course, learned to deal with issues from his past and began taking steps towards building a future for himself.  Nick worked closely with Cambridge House staff to build his self-esteem and recognise his talents. He dazzled the head of Coventry University’s career service and has applied there to study.

“Cambridge House has taught me many things about who I really am, and I don’t need to be determined by my circumstances.” –Nick, 20