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Praise for Playdagogy

“The session was incredibly innovative in the way that it breaks down barriers that often surround disability inclusion in sport. It had the perfect balance of incorporating educational messages into activity and play. There was clear all-round support, encompassing the needs of the coaches, participants and others involved.”


The session was active and kept kids moving with lots of energy and fun. Getting the kids involved, getting their views and understanding of what they are experiencing using different disabilities and why is a good exercise. Keeping the language simple for the kids means they understand what it is they are being taught quicker and without frustration.

Steve Cunningham, Director of

It is no wonder that the Playdagogy training is worth 6 CPD points! My colleagues and I all agree that the Playdagogy training was the most effective and enjoyable CPD that we have been on. The trainers were captivating, accommodating and easy company. The day comprised of theory, practical sessions and observations for all attendees. Full and extensive lesson plans are provided to work from and the trainers are so supportive and reassuring that even the most nervous or hesitant person will feel at ease when being observed. The training had to meet the standards of a diverse group including myself and another colleague, a PE teacher from another school.

Understanding the theory and fundamental aspects of Playdagogy has enabled us to be creative and confident when dealing with children with impairments. It was also invaluable for discussing impairments with other children without feeling uncomfortable. Lesson plans with clear objectives, visual aids and a bag of useful resources are provided to each school. The plans have been imaginatively written and the scenarios provided make the topics come alive and encourage creative and positive thinking. The training was practical and relevant, we were all able to improve our confidence on all aspects of inclusive physical activity that is both stimulating and challenging for all children regardless whether they are with or without any impairment.

Since completing the training the children have enjoyed the lessons, the physical aspects, the challenges and the discussion time at the end of each lesson. The lessons motivate the children to think diversely. Personally, the Playdagogy training has made me reflect about every aspect of having an impairment. It has enabled me to be able to differentiate more effectively when delivering PE, sports and competitions in school. The days training flew by and I don’t think there are many of us who can say that about staff training! Make Playdagogy part of your school timetable whether it be in curriculum PE, PSHE or lunchtime clubs and see the difference it makes to your children!

PE Coordinator – Malmesbury Primary School

Training Testimonials

“A great and interactive training course, I felt after the training day that I would be comfortable in delivering the programme to a school. The trainers were excellent, passionate and really engaged the group of coaches and volunteers. We were provided with the games and equipment to use for our first school. I was impressed with the debate part of the sessions and I feel this would engage young children and also raise awareness of disability effectively in a group situation.”

Inclusive Projects Manager, Queens Park Rangers in the Community Trust

“The course gave me a more inclusive way of teaching, using physical activity to understand the issues around disability and better confidence when discussing the issues.”
Teacher, Thorntree Primary School

“Great training and very worthwhile, it was a really useful learning experience!”
Youth Worker, Salmon Youth Centre

“A practical way of promoting inclusion and raising awareness that allows all children to work together, discuss and be more aware.”
Teacher, Thomas Tallis School, Greenwich

“Both trainers were very helpful and made the day both entertaining and educational.”
Coach, The Whole Picture, Community Sports