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Impact & Outcomes

playdagogy monitoring and evaluationWe are extremely happy to report the success of the Playdagogy pilot. Over the course of the project, we have successfully trained 182 coaches across 28 different organisations in the Playdagogy methodology and fully resourced them with Playdagogy ‘kits’ to run the programme. Furthermore, over 1700 children have participated, far beyond our aim of reaching 1000 children. Analysing the numbers of disabled children that the trained coaches work with, the project has the potential to impact over 1500 disabled young people.

We reached more than 1,500 children through 28 organisations in 2016.

Analysing the impact on the children who have participated in the project so far, from a sample of 581 children across 14 different programmes, including 154 disabled children, we find that Playdagogy has had a significant impact in a number of areas. Most significant is how Playdagogy affects both disabled and non-disabled children’s understanding of fairness and equality with 83% of programmes reporting a significant improvement and 100% reporting some improvement.

Outcomes for non-disabled participants


Playdagogy is also extremely effective at increasing disabled children’s enjoyment of physical activity (83% of programmes) as well enabling all children to understand the social and physical barriers that result in exclusion and discrimination (100% of programmes). As a result, 100% of programmes report observing increased levels of positive interactions and behaviours between disabled and non-disabled children.

Outcomes for disabled participants


playdagogy evaluationOur training programme has gone from strength to strength and has been effective across different organisations, from professional football clubs to community groups and school PE teachers. Our trainers are rated as “Excellent” by 85% of participants, and “Good” or “Excellent” by 100%. We have been convinced both of the necessity of continuing to provide education in this area (71% of those we trained have had no previous training in disability related areas), as well as the efficacy and originality of our approach.

Educators ratings of trainers June playdagogy evaluation

79% of those we train find our model “Very Effective” for educating children about disabilities, 95% find it “Effective” or “Very Effective”. When asked whether they wold recommend our training to a colleague, 100% of training participants responded “Yes”. We found that even experienced practitioners who have worked in inclusive sport or with disabled children and young people for many years found the training refreshing and informative. We also identified a significant impact on educators’ confidence in addressing issues related to disability with mixed groups of disabled and non-disabled children, with 16% feeling confident or very confident before training increasing to 93% after training.

Educators confidence