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Camberwell Incredibles

Camberwell Incredibles – An Arts Collective of Practising Artists and Learning Diverse Adults

Camberwell Incredibles is an important social club as well as a space for learning diverse adults to learn to live together. We run stimulating creative activities to develop independent living skills, with a focus on clear communication, comprehension, social interaction, and self expression. Everyone contributes and as a result our approach varies according to who is part of the team.

We specialise in a variety of art forms: drawing, painting, sculpture, performance, writing, video and music. We teach computer skills and use the symbol generating software Symwriter to help our group members read for themselves – an exceptionally empowering tool.

Interacting with the local community is an essential part of our service. We visit local amenities: the cafes, shops, the park, sports facilities and public transport. We regularly make trips to see the latest art exhibitions, museum shows, theatre productions or to visit places of interest. All of these experiences are reviewed in our blog and reflected in the artwork the group produces.

Our work and films are exhibited regularly both at Cambridge House and local galleries and cinemas. Each year we stage a spectacular show at Cambridge House, open to the general public, devised and performed by the group which celebrates and showcases the uniqueness of our members. This is a very important time for the group in terms of self esteem and confidence, and is always the subject of much future discussion.

Over the years we have created books and run workshops demonstrating innovative practice working with learning diverse groups – the books are used all over the world by schools and community groups.

Our emphasis is on ensuring that the adults we work with are encouraged to see themselves and are seen by the public as a positive vital force in the community.

Have a look at The Camberwell Incredibles Blog or Instagram to learn more about the project and to see some of the art work the group have produced.

The group meet every Monday and Tuesday during term time, from 10:30am to 3:30pm.

Currently we have 12 adults in the team with 4 artist-support workers and 2 volunteers.

For more information or to book a place please contact Rachel Zipfel here.

Telephone: 020 7358 7716

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