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Independent Mental Capacity Advocates

Our Independent Mental Capacity Advocates – IMCA – support and protect the liberty of people who have been declared medically incapable of making key decisions about their lives.

People who have a mental illness, dementia, or an injury to the brain can be declared, by a medical professional, as lacking the capacity to make their own decisions. Our advocates work to ensure their rights and best interests are taken into account.

When a serious decision needs to be made about a person’s change of accommodation or treatment, or there are Safeguarding Concerns or a care review is due, we are able to:

  • Gather information about the person, working to understand his or her views, wishes and beliefs
  • Share this information with social workers or doctors to ensure key decision-makers are aware of the person’s feelings
  • Assess the proposed decision, look into other options, seeks secondary professional opinions and find a viable option which best fits the person’s wishes
  • Challenge decisions where necessary, both formally and informally

In this way, our advocates provide a vital support network which protects vulnerable people’s rights.