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IMCA Case Studies

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Supporting a person’s wishes

Diana was admitted to hospital after falling over at home. While there, she was diagnosed with a potentially fatal condition. Her medical team felt that she should not return home after discharge, but should instead enter residential care. A referral to our IMCA service was made.

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Diana’s IMCA identified that her social worker was the decision maker in the proposed change of accommodation and sought formal instruction from them before visiting Diana in hospital. Her IMCA ascertained through a mix of verbal and pictorial communication that the client wished to return home to die, and was willing to accept a package of care. Her IMCA researched whether the care she required could be met by district nurses and delivered at home. Having discovered that this was a viable option, her IMCA produced a report which evidenced that Diana returning home with a package of care best suited Diana’s own wishes and was consequently the less restrictive option available for her at that time.

Diana’s social worker took the IMCA report into account and decided that she should indeed be enabled to return home with appropriate support. Diana passed away around a month after returning home but the outcome was exactly as she had wanted. Her IMCA ensured Diana’s wishes were upheld.