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Generic Advocacy

Generic Advocacy

What is an advocate?
An advocate supports people to be as fully involved as possible in decisions which affect their lives. They work with people to ensure their views, wishes and feelings are communicated and heard, speaking on their behalf where necessary.

We support adults with:
– Mental health needs
– Physical disabilities
– Learning Disabilities
– Autistic Spectrum Disorder
– Sensory Impairment
– Older People
– People who need community services
We can help you ask for services you need, search for the right support or even change or challenge any health or social care services you currently receive. We do not deal with benefits, financial or housing issues.

How can our advocacy service help?
Advocates can help people to:
– Understand their situation;
– Access and understand information;
– Explore choices and options;
– Communicate their views, wishes and feelings;
– Make sure their rights are respected;
– Make a complaint or challenge a decision they are unhappy with

The Advocate works with people living in their own homes or in supported accommodation. The advocate works on behalf of the client taking instruction from them.
We also work with people who lack capacity using non-instructed advocacy. We can support people to ask for services, promote individuals’ rights and inclusion and ensure the person is kept at the centre of decisions made about them.

All of our information is treated in strict confidence, we only pass on information that you have agreed to share unless we believe that you or someone else is in danger. Please request a full copy of our confidentiality policy
We will not
– Make choices for you
– Give legal advice
– Provide befriending or support work
– Provide emergency support

The Advocacy Service
This is a free independent and confidential service with learning disabilities, older people, adults with physical disabilities and sensory impairment or those seeking to access social care services to address issues relating to their social and NHS care. Cambridge House is independent from adult social care and health services and the service is free.