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Video Evidence – Magic IS Real! 19Plus Magic Show

Do you believe in magic? You will now – we bring you hard evidence of the existence of magic, performed last Christmas at the Amazing 19Plus Christmas Magic Show! A spectacular evening of wacky wizardy, daring-do, and mysterious magicking!

Check out their skills below:

Every year, our 19Plus arts group of adults with a learning disability put on an extraordinary and spectacular Christmas Show. The unquestionable highlight of the Cambridge House year, the event is a fantastic opportunity to enjoy a great show and show your support to our users, staff, and volunteers for their awesome work this year.

For those who don’t know, 19Plus is a club for adults with learning disabilities which enables our learners to explore the arts, learn new skills, gain confidence and socialise. All the staff are practising artists.

19Plus is an important social club as well as a space for learning diverse adults to learn to live together. We run stimulating creative activities to develop independent living skills, with a focus on clear communication, comprehension, social interaction, and self expression. Everyone contributes and as a result our approach varies according to who is part of the team.

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