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7 Things You Need To Know About The Housing & Planning Bill

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Jamie Burton explains why the Housing and Planning Bill may make the housing crisis worse rather than better.

The CHat is back! This week’s subject: everything you need to know about the Housing and Planning Bill

Welcome back to The CHat, London’s premier social justice podcast, broadcasting straight from Cambridge House.

In April, we hosted an urgent conference on the housing crisis in London, addressing the growing threats to council housing and council tenants in the city and asking a critical question: Can we afford to lose council housing? Discussion ranged from alternatives to current approaches to estate regeneration (often involving demolition) to how the housing crisis in London is disastrous for many but, from some perspectives, a boom for certain groups.

This first episode brings you a fantastic talk by Jamie Burton, a barrister at Doughty Street Chambers and expert in judicial review and human rights, leading a smart, damning, and (often) amusing analysis of the Government’s proposals to tackle the housing crisis. Going through each of the key elements of the Housing and Planning Bill in detail, the talk is both a great primer on an important piece of legislation and an intelligent critique of a policy move that could spell the end of social housing in the UK as we know it. Jamie also touches on David Cameron’s “sink estate” regeneration strategy. The talk is followed by a brief Q&A from our audience.

The episode is available on this page, on i-Tunes, and on YouTube

Learn more about the conference here.

Doughty Street Chambers

What’s a Mayor to do about the housing crisis?

Welcome to The CH@T ~ Broadcasting straight from Cambridge House, we’re asking: what’s going on with housing in London? How can a new Mayor tackle the housing crisis?

Tackling some of the toughest issues facing society today, The CH@T brings you insights and stories straight from the frontline of social action in the UK. From our base in Camberwell, we’re taking the big questions to the grassroots to get to the bottom of the biggest social issues facing London and the UK today.

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The CH@T premieres with a series of episodes focusing the housing crisis in London, chatting with experts in housing, gentrification, and the legal system to get to the bottom of one of the biggest issues on the agenda.

In our premiere, we’re busting a few big myths about the housing crisis, hearing about who’s being hit hardest, and – most importantly –  finding out what Londoners can do in the coming mayoral elections to help protect Londoners from losing their homes.

Listen in to our chat with Research and Knowledge Exchange Coordinator, Dr Hannah White, about a research project she recently completed into housing in South London. In late 2015, Dr White explored the reality of the housing crisis for Londoners by shadowing the Lambeth County Court Duty Scheme, which provides free legal advice for people with issues with their housing, speaking with people facing eviction from their homes to hear their stories, find out why people are facing such challenges, and to inform recommendations for policymakers to help people hold on to their homes.

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Photo Credit: Garry Knight via Flickr

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