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Gentrification, Displacement and the Impact of Estate Renewal: Research Launch

Cambridge House hosts the launch of an ESRC-funded major research project into the impacts of gentrification, displacement and estate regeneration on London

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Stakeholders and guests discuss the ongoing issues around estates regeneration in London.

On February 17th 2017, Cambridge House hosted stakeholders from a range of sectors and backgrounds to introduce the planned research and to discuss the Greater London Authority’s draft good practice guidance on estates regeneration (which can be found here).

The research will address gaps in knowledge about gentrification, displacement and the impacts of council estate renewal in London. Working closely with tenants groups and other local stakeholders, the research will combine large -scale statistical analysis to measure the scale and patterns of gentrification and associated displacement of working/servicing class populations from London with more intensive, case study methods to document the impacts of urban renewal schemes on individual estates, their residents, the communities across the Southeast to which they are being displaced, and the new ‘mixed’ communities emerging on redeveloped council estates in London.

The project investigators from the University of Leicester and Kings College London presented their plans to the project stakeholders and special guests, who fed back with a broad range of insights and knowledge. The afternoon session consisted of a lively and productive roundtable discussion of the GLA’s draft guidance on estates regeneration. Represented stakeholders and guests included:

  • Just Space
  • London Tenants Federation
  • The GLA
  • Department for Communities and Local Government
  • Platform 7
  • Joseph Rowntree Foundation
  • GLA Green Party Assembly Member Sian Berry
  • Clarion Housing Group
  • Jericho Solutions
  • Local tenants, including previous tenants of the Heygate Estate, Southwark
  • Academic Advisers from the Universities of Manchester, Leeds, and Birkbeck (University of London)
  • Local Councillors (Southwark, Tottenham, Battersea)

Learn more about the research here.