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Stand-Up Lambeth – Goldmine Graduation

Graduation Celebrations: Young people from Angell Town Estate, Brixton celebrate their achievement in completing the first stage of Stand-Up Lambeth 30/03/2016

We were very proud to see our young cohort of Stand-Up Lambeth participants enjoy the graduation ceremony after completing the first stage of Stand-Up Lambeth, the 2020 Change ‘Goldmine Progamme’, in March 2016. In partnership with the 2020 Change Foundation, we’ve been working with this group of young people to help them overcome the challenges they face in their day-to-day lives by focusing on mindfulness, social-cognitive skills, and personal development to help them achieve their potential.

The programme has had great success so far – check out the videos below to see how these brilliant young people have been learning how to unlock their abilities and pursue their goals.

Now they move onto the next stage, where they’ll be working with Cambridge House mentors put the skills and lessons they’ve learned into practice and enact the 5 year ‘Life Plans’ they’ve been working on.

Learn more about Stand-Up Lambeth here.

Video Credit: 2020 Change Foundation

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