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Safer Renting – Social Justice for Tenants of Rogue Landlords

Cambridge House is in dialogue with agencies/practitioners, scoping and building support for a project to promote social justice for tenants of criminal landlords. 17/03/2016

In a nutshell, the mission is to be a pathfinder at the local level for an effective multi-agency approach to provide advice, support and advocacy for tenants of criminal landlords, high proportion of whom are ‘excluded’ and below the radar of any statutory services.and those at risk of falling into their hands in future. In safeguarding their rights and helping them find alternative routes into better private sector housing, we will be making it possible for them to contribute evidence  to support local authority prosecutions and/or their own civil prosecutions against the landlords.

We are pleased to announce our first partner borough, the London Borough of Hounslow. We will be working with the Borough to find out how best we can work together to tackle criminal landlords and support tenants’ rights

Our Project Lead Roz Spenser was a consultant on a recent Channel 4 ‘Dispatches’  exploring the challenges facing tenants of rogue landlords in detail.

You can watch it here:

Make sure to watch it now as it’s only available on Catch-Up for a limited time!

We want to work with local authority housing enforcement teams who often make contact with the victims of criminal landlords in the course of their work, but often lack the resources to support them into better housing.

Any community organisation with an interest in this field or who comes into contact with tenants of rogue landlords is invited to talk to us about the development of the project.

Contact: Roz Spencer, Project Lead


Mob: 07905 348971

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