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Playdagogy Shortlisted for Social Innovation Award – Beyond Sport Awards 2016

We’re thrilled to announce that our Playdagoy programme, working in parternship with PLAY International, has been shortlisted for the Beyond Sport Social Innovation Award 2016! 24/8/2016

Beyond Sport, Playdagogy, Social Innovation Award, Social Innovation 2016, PL4Y International UK, Sports San Frontiers, Playdagogy UK, Playdagogy evidence, Playdagogy review, Playdagogy good,A huge congratulations to our Playdagogy team, who have worked with 28 organisations, 128 educators, and reached more than 1,700 children over the last year. Through their hard work, we’re harnessing the transformative and unifying power of sport to tackle the root causes of social injustice.

We know that children who play together learn to work together and to accept and respect each other’s different abilities. Playdagogy uses an evidence-based methodology to engage children creatively in recognising, understanding and addressing social issues through participation in sport.

By inserting educational messages into sporting activities, Playdagogy teaches children about challenges related to different social issues, using experiential learning and symbolic interaction. This enables them to explore ways to overcome these issues by critically reflecting on their environment, social attitudes, behaviour and knowledge.

We provide training and resources to teachers, sports coaches and community organisations interested in using Playdagogy session in their school, sports club or youth centre

Check out this video to see how we work with young people around disability and how to dismantle prejudice and tackle discrimination.

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