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Chief Executive Karin Woodley attends the GSEF Conference in Montreal

global social economy forum 2016, karin woodley, Cambridge House international work, GSEF 20165On September 7–9 2016 our Chief Executive, Karin Woodley, attended the Global Social Economy Forum in Montréal, Canada.

The GSEF is an international association of local governments and civil society committed to the social and solidarity economy (SSE). The central theme of the conference was collaboration between local governments and organizations of the social and solidarity economy (SSE) for the development of cities. Seminars, workshops and site visits focused on how to ensure decent quality of life and access to basic needs for all against a backdrop of growing income inequality, discrimination and social exclusion in our cities around the world.

Check out a selection of Karin’s thoughts on the Conference:





















The following resolutions were made at the GSEF Conference:

1. Recognize the central role of SSE organizations to overcome the current challenges and to promote a renewed participatory democracy

2. Multiply participatory governance spaces

3. Build an inclusive movement for all men and women of all ages and origins.

4. Build public-private-community partnerships to meet the needs and aspirations of our communities

5. Share our visions, experiences and achievements to promote social innovation, including through CITIES, a strategic partner of GSEF 6. Recognize and support youth as important actors for the future of the SSE movement.

To see the full declaration click here.