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Playdagogy takes centre stage at international sports event, The Playground, in Tourcoing, France

Cambridge House joined Pl4y International on 7-8 June 2016 for the second edition of Playground at Kipstadium in Tourcoing, France.

Organised by our European partners, PLAY International, The Playground saw 400 hundred children and 200 educators take part in sports, educational activities and events on disability, nutrition and social innovation in sports.

We sent our Playdagogy team out to take part, where they lead training workshops on how to best evaluate the impact of projects and on our approach to tackling hate crime through sports and play.

Check out this video to see the wonderful time we all had at Playground. Look out for our fantastic (and now, sadly, departed) Perrine at 0.58 demonstrating her multiple talents with translation and delivery!