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Cambridge House Appoints New Law Centre Manager, Pamela Robotham

community hub, building, southwark, lambeth, lewisham, deprivation, multiple, specialistWe are pleased to announce that Pamela Robotham has been appointed the new Law Centre Manager. She took up post on Monday 23rd May.

Pamela was educated in Southwark and has lived locally for over 30 years. Pamela has worked as a housing solicitor at Cambridge House for nearly 4 years and knows how we, Southwark and Lambeth Council and Lambeth County Court – as well as the rest of the local environment – all work.  Until relatively recently, she was a trustee of Southwark Law Centre.

Pamela is an experienced solicitor with nearly 20 years Post Qualification Experience and extensive experience of Legal Aid.   She trained and worked for 10 years in private practice at the respected firm of Glazer Delmar solicitors, and has a wealth of experience across the not for profit sector, including managing the College of Law Legal Advice Centre.  She has worked as a University lecturer teaching Housing law and is an experienced trainer, having provided legal training and facilitated legal capacity building for the Law Societies of Zambia, Uganda, Tanzania and the Eastern Caribbean. She also helped to develop the civil litigation training course for the Law School of Tanzania.

Pamela has also worked with social housing providers and other housing projects including Deptford Housing Aid Centre and ran a housing project for young people with Sickle Cell Anaemia for OSCAR Housing Project .

We have also fairly recently appointed two experienced housing solicitors: Gurminder Birdi – previously with Moss & Co, and Serdar Celebi who was previously with Foster and Foster solicitors – both well-known legal aid housing firms.