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Dr Rowan Williams becomes Patron of Cambridge House

We’re thrilled to announce our new patron – Dr Rowan Williams 01/12/2015

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Dr Williams visiting Cambridge House in 2014

Dr Rowan Williams has become a patron of Cambridge House, supporting our work tackling multiple disadvantage and promoting systemic change.

A committed campaigner for social justice, long-standing friend of Cambridge House and previous Settlement volunteer, Dr Williams commented: “I wouldn’t be the man I am today if I hadn’t been an undergraduate volunteer at a settlement like Cambridge House”.

Rowan Williams was born in Swansea in 1950 . He was educated at Dynevor Secondary School, then at Christ’s College, Cambridge, where he studied Theology. After research in Oxford, he spent two years at Mirfield before returning to Cambridge, where he spent nine years in academic and social work. In 1984 he was elected a Fellow and Dean of Clare College at the University of Cambridge. During his time at Clare he was arrested and fined for singing psalms as part of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament protest at Lakenheath air-base.

Dr William’s commitment to social justice has been a constant of his career, engaging in issues as wide-ranging as inequality, the environment, and corporate social responsibility. In his role as Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Williams was known as a peacemaker and advocate of social justice who used his time in office to make an impact across the world. His visit to Zimbabwe in 2011 was widely commended after he openly criticised the human rights abuses of President Robert Mugabe’s regime. He has also been praised for his ability to engage publicly on challenging matters of religion, society and morality.

Dr Williams has written a number of books on the history of theology and spirituality and published collections of articles and sermons – as well as a book of poems in 1994.

Dr Williams is currently the Master of Magdalene College, University of Cambridge, a position he took up on 1st January 2013.