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Chief Executive contributes to the Public Sector Communications Academy 2015

Karin Woodley, our Chief Executive, was a speaker at the Public Sector Communications Academy’s event, ‘The future of public service communications’ 23/11/2015

On 10 November 2015, Karin joined Cormac Russell, MD, Nurture Development; Chief Supt Glenn Tunstall, Metropolitan Police; Mick Ward, Head of Commissioning (Adult Social Care) Leeds City Council;  and Eleanor Kelly, Chief Executive, Southwark Council for a panel discussion on ways public agencies can work more effectively with local communities, hosted by the Public Sector Communications Academy. She also joined a Think Tank panel, sponsored by Newsquest, entitled ‘Is PR really dead?

Karin’s contributions called for:

  • Karin woodley, public sector communications, public sector communications academy, 2015, event, speaker, Engagement strategies that address big picture issues such as personalised services, segmentation, demand management, open data, digital and mobile technology.
  • A focus on service process rather than service structure to ensure engagement strategies connect with the reality of people’s lives.
  • Public agencies to improve their emotional intelligence by nurturing equitable and accountable relationships with local people and committing to power-sharing.
  • Local communities to be treated as partners rather than information portals, and for research frameworks to support the engagement of communities as stakeholders rather than research subjects.