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1BC invite you to One Big Debate

One Big DebateOn Saturday the 30th November 2013, our wonderful young people, who together make up One Big Community, will be launching their new initiative – One Big Debate.

This will be the biggest online debate ever seen about youth violence in London.

Their aim is to get young people from every London borough discussing youth violence – the causes, effects and solutions. By bringing everyone’s views and ideas together, we’ll hopefully be able to start finding solutions to youth violence which London’s young people believe in.

Registration and opening remarks will be at 12pm, with the online debate formally starting at 1pm and ending at 6pm in the evening. The day will include videos being launched by our participating organizations and partners, and hashtagged debates on Twitter and Facebook allowing every young person to get their voices heard.

1bc and Cambridge House need YOU to help us spark this online conversation. Whether you’re a Tweeter or you’ve got an opinion about what’s going on, your views all count. So come on, join us and share your views and ideas on the 1bc website, You will be creating the first wave of passionate debate.

After the debate is over, we’ll be using your exchanges and comments to put together a report on possible solutions to youth violence in London.

The event is open to all young people aged 13-25 who are passionate about finding the solutions to ending street violence.

For more information, email us or visit the 1bc website.

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