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About Us

Our mission is to tackle the injustices of poverty

Cambridge House is a social action centre based in South London working locally, nationally, and internationally to tackle poverty and social injustice. Founded in 1889 by Cambridge University as part of the Settlement Movement, we operate from our building in Walworth, Southwark. Our vision of society is one where people are valued, treated equally, and lead fulfilling and productive lives.

Our Corporate Strategy 2017-2022

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Our Approach

  • We provide a safe space which is uplifting, respectful, empathetic, nurturing and genuine
  • We build trust with users by ensuring they see themselves reflected throughout the structure of the organisation
  • We value our users’ voice by involving them in all stages of project development, delivery, and evaluation
  • We offer different service entry pathways to meet the different levels of skill, capability, and confidence of our users
  • We provide wraparound care and signpost users on to other community-based, statutory, or multiagency services to help secure more sustainable outcomes

Our Impact

Demand for services is growing while government and local authority funding is being cut. To meet these challenges we work collaboratively and have developed a local to national ethos, allowing us to use our resources in the most effective way.

  • We develop and pilot services in our local area to be rolled out nationally
  • Use our experience and knowledge to develop best practice initiatives
  • Share our work and understanding with government, academics and researchers, statutory and civil society organisations, charities and businesses across the country and beyond

Our values

  • We put the people we work with at the front of everything we do
  • We are committed to our staff and volunteers
  • We work with like-minded organisations to extend the reach and impact of our services
  • We are individually accountable and collectively responsible

Please follow the links to find out more about our services and knowledge exchange activities.